PlanetCazmo 2 … REVEALED!

screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-21-20-55Hi Cazmos,

The time has come. Everything all the way from our first day working on this title in February 2016 has led to this one glorious, cazriffic, caztastic moment.

Okay, Okay. I’m being a little over dramatic… ONLY because I’m SO excited to give you the first official glimpse into what we (the fans behind this projectThumbs Up.png) have in store for PLANET CAZMO 2!

But first, I’d like to thank you.heart Without the support and encouragement from all of you in the classic Cazmo community, I was able to take the Planet Cazmo you all know and love and grow it into something I’m incredibly proud to share-and continue to build-with you!

And now, we proudly present to you… PLANET CAZMO 2!


Look exciting? We think so, and we hope you do too. gold-tooth

Those of you who are wondering when you can blast off to the realms of Planet Cazmo, stay hyped. We’re proud to announce that YOU can help us test the game during the FREE beta starting; September 10th 2017 on PC, MAC and TABLET!!Shocked.png We will have more information for you in the coming time as we post more information on this here blog and our forums EVERY WEEK.

You can pre-register for your account over at -if you haven’t already. And don’t forget to check back oftenDisco Ball.png. We’ll be adding more fun stuff to our blog and forum as we work on finishing the game.

As always, we love hearing your feedback and questions! Leave a comment below, tweet us @Cazmotweets, write a post on our forum or send us an email at and we’ll be sure to answer any questions you have.

Spread the world!

-Planet Cazmo 2 Team


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